Heather Clarke has seen the riding program do wonders for her 5-year-old daughter Charlotte. "Charlie" has become more verbal since she began her lessons three years ago — two of those at Compassionate Friends.
"She loves it," said Clarke, "She's starting to talk more. She started to walk from coming here. ... She loves the horses. She loves the people. Miss Sherri is awesome."

     Heather Clarke
       Cherry Hill, NJ

Iggy - Fjord Gelding

Clyde - Clydesdale Haflinger 


“When I first came to CFTRC, I had no self esteem and no social skills.  I barely had enough confidence to look people in the eye or stand up straight. I felt for a time that I could amount to nothing and I would always be afraid to do anything. Then the first time I rode, I started to see unlimited empowerment in my confidence. When I rode a horse, I felt in control of things and I could do anything I wanted and that the sky was the limit. As weeks went by, I noticed that I was looking people in the eye and standing up straight. I started to show personality. I think that other people noticed as well and people stopped walking over me and I felt in control.  A few months later, I gained the courage to take guitar lessons. I have been coming to CFTRC for almost five years now and it’s weird looking back and seeing who I was. I would highly recommend for people with a low self-esteem to come here. It’s changed me drastically over 4 years I have been here. If coming here changed me for the better, it can certainly change you.”

    Zachary Fuhrman

Mando - Haflinger Gelding 

Welcome Clyde, the newest member of the Compassionate Friends Family.  Clyde has two rear socks and a white blaze.  He has quickly made friends with everyone on the farm!

Iggy came to us from Montana. Iggy has a soft spot for our young riders and will stick his head out of his stall to greet them. Iggy is often called our "powerhouse" because he can carry a wide variety of riders.  These riders have fallen in love with his sweet personality and his beautiful stride. Because of his cool dorsal stripe that runs from the tip of his head to his tail we are often changing Iggy’s hair style. Follow us on Facebook and see which one you like the best!

Mando is a Parelli trained haflinger.  He has a beautiful flaxen mane and the best trot on the farm.  Mando loves to hang out with all the horses on the farm!

"Actually, it's a very soothing aspect of life...Once you get on the horse, it's very relaxing. It's very peaceful. It's a very good vibe that you get."

     Bridgid Cain
        Courier Post

“Since starting the riding program for Jacob 2 ½ years ago, we have seen such a transformation; from shy child to confident child. We never realized the impact it would have on him. We wanted to find a hobby he could stick to. He did not enjoy sports or make friends easily. He cannot wait to ride (Cocoa) every week.  He shares a special bond with this horse and says Cocoa understands him. And then, to have him enjoy a hobby that is teaching him listening skills, works on his core strength, and his focus. It is an all around win for me as a parent to give him some therapy at a place he loves to visit.  I cannot say enough of the staff, horses and the happiness it brings Jacob.”

     Lori Betaneos